Saint Petersburg Bird Control About a decade ago, a couple decided to establish a company that provides public access to efficient, discreet, humane, and affordable bird control services. By providing them with consistent effort and the most satisfactory result, our company has grown into one of the leaders in the industry of wildlife removal and exclusion. The public has voted us as their #1 service provider for three years and counting. We have designed a systematic approach that guarantees the effective removal and prevention of birds in your area. Our people are capable of conducting a host of methods and techniques that have been tested and proven successful in eliminating bird problems. All works performed by our technician come with a limited guarantee. Should there be an instance when our installation becomes ineffective, we will replace or repair the fixtures without additional charges. Understand that any damages caused by outside influence will void any type of manufacturer warranty. We are practicing responsible and ethical bird management. We use methods that have the least impact on the environment and are compliant with federal and state law. We also follow all health and safety protocol that aims to protect the welfare and health of our clients.

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