Business Trouble: Pigeon Roosting On Sign

A pigeon roosting on a sign (or a pigeon flock for that matter) can be one big annoying problem for a business owner. There are a few things that make pigeons on your sign more than just an annoyance; it can actually cost you customers and money. Wherever pigeons roost, there is bound to be pigeon droppings. These droppings can be on the sign or on the floor by the sign. In some cases they can end up on your windows as well and no customer likes to see droppings on a place of business.

A pigeon roosting on a sign will also make a mess not only with the droppings, but also with feathers and the food it will eat. While one pigeon may not be as bad of a problem, when you add a couple more than it can be really bad. Then there is the noise that they will make. Some businesses will not be as affected, but some like restaurants or bookstores would be. Finally, there is the problem of spreading diseases which can affect you, your employees and customers. Make sure that the moment that you see any pigeons roosting on a sign that you take measures to make the sign uncomfortable for them such as needle strips or shock tracks.

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